About Us

We can do just about everything but build pools!

We Specialize in:
Water Chemistry Automation
Pool Barrier Installation/Repair
Pool Renovation & Leak Detection/Repair
Deck Resurfacing/Repair
Plaster Resurfacing
Equipment Repair/Installation
Complete Replumb of Pump Rooms

Calavan's Pool & Spa Service was established in 1991 as a family owned and operated pool and spa maintenance company in the Las Vegas valley and surrounding areas. Larry and Margaret Calavan began cleaning residential swimming pools together, in a beaten down Chevy truck, in the downturn of the early 1990s. The two advertised in the nifty nickel, passed out fliers’ door to door every weekend and cleaned pools as a family. In 1996 we launched the repair portion of our business, we began caring for large commercial pools and higher end residential pools. As we secured accounts, we quickly realized life is better by the pool. Since then we have grown to a fair-sized company capable of all your commercial or residential swimming pool needs. We've remained a family business focused on excellent customer service and exceptional workmanship. We have 24/7 emergency services available, professional uniformed technicians equipped with marked trucks, test kits, cell phones, GPS and all necessary licenses and insurance. We are thrilled to celebrate 28 years in business as well as a larger limit to our contractor’s license, we are now licensed to $245,000. We appreciate the opportunity to work for you, thank you for your business!


• Zoe, Board Member, Henderson property zcamper@slink.net
• Don, Board Member, Henderson property drcrays@cox.net
• Peter, Board Member, Henderson property pcgerali@gmail.com
• Steve, Board Member, Central Las Vegas property steveharris24@gmail.com
• Charles, Rhodes Ranch Maintenance Coordinator cblalark@rhodesranchhoa.net
• Joe, maintenance coordinator at Taylor Management jventura@tamhoa.com
• Terry Stump, Water FX (pool builder) manager, 702-233-3200
• Trinity, Artistic Pools (pool builder) 702-468-6793
• Chad, Amazon Pool Construction, 702-400-8739
• Pete, Hayward Warranty, 702-279-9574
• Jason, Superior Pool Products 702-914-7444
• Ron Hare, Adams Pool Solutions 702-365-9772

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