We Love Our Customers!

Our success is due to referrals and continued business from repeat customers. We absolutely love our customers! We're committed to providing the best possible experience for our customers. We're not happy until they're happy.
I had called Calavan's regarding a problem with the pool was not drawing as strong as I thought it should. I had used Calavan's before & they had sent out Joe Bown who replaced the pool motor & explained how it functioned & how to adjust the levers for a variety of functions. I had called them a 2nd time, regarding a different issue...the pool vacuum, as I mentioned above. Again Joe came out & after I explained the problem, he asked me a few questions & then we went over to the pump area & he showed me the valve that adjusts the vacuum draw. Joe explained to me which way to adjust the valve, at what level he would recommend me leaving it at & how to adjust it higher or lower. He even marked the valve with a marker so I would know exactly in which direction to turn it, when I wanted to change the draw.Joe is extremely knowledgeable about his job & is very personable to speak with. I wish all service people were as "customer service" oriented as he is. I will use Calavan's again, if & when the need arises & I will definitely ask for Joe again. Since they get busy, give yourself a few days leeway so they can set up an appointment at your convenience. This is an A+++ company.
-Doc S.
A great experience all around ... Excellent Service (from Katie in the office to the field team which includes the owner, Larry), the entire Team is knowledgeable and friendly in their respective roles, Very Responsive (especially if you have a major-priority issue); High Quality / Reliable Work (never a follow-up on the same repair), and Fair, Honest & Upfront prices (the lowest service call and hourly pricing I've seen in Vegas area and without the huge mark-up on the parts that the others charge). I had used several different providers my first three years in Vegas but have been a loyal customer for the last 7-8 years (fun fact ... this is family owned and run business that has been around long before the Vegas' boom). If you have a home repair warranty company, I discovered that mine had already vetted / approved Calavan's and would allow me to request them whenever a covered item needed repair or replacement. I have peace of mind knowing that when the pool/spa does need work, I can count on this Team to take care of me and leaving me feeling good about what is otherwise not a fun time.
-Craig M.
After trying, and failing, to get quotes from the pool companies recommended by my pool cleaner and my home warranty company, I decided to take to Yelp to find a pool company. I got a hold of Calavan's, because of their high ratings, and, let me tell you - they're completely deserved. Joe came out and did a FANTASTIC job on getting my pool back in perfect, working order, and found ways of making it run better and less expensively than before. I now have everything I want for my pool, and couldn't be happier.
-Mike S.